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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Masked Frindle vs. Dark Boogey

Today in Drop-in Writing we created a superhero, the Masked Frindle, as a group. Masked Frindle is a superhero who fights bad writing using the power of a shredder. MF's weakness is permanent marker and the catchphrase MF uses is "Onward, Robots!".

Then we designed our own individual superheros! The assignment was to write a story using both superheros: They could a) fight each other; b) team up to fight another crime; or c) discover that the other, previously thought to be merely a mild-mannered friend or coworker, was a superhero!

The following story is Duncan R's. You'll thrill! You'll Chill! To. . .The Masked Frindle meets Dark Boogey!!!

Masked Frindle was on a police mission. Apparently, an anti-hero named Dark Boogey was seen in her neighborhood.

"Great," she thought out loud. "An opponent who doesn't do bad writing. Just great."

All of a sudden, Masked Frindle heard a catchphrase that made her blood run cold: "I know where you liiiiiiiiive!"

No later than hearing that, an invisible force tossed her into the air. Controlling that force was none other than Dark Boogey!

Once he turned away from her, she fell fifteen feet down. Grunting in pain, Masked Frindle slowly rose back to her feet.

"Why. . won't. . .you. . .LEAVE?" she demanded fiercely, while attempting to destroy him with her power of shredder. Although the shredder indeed didn't even scratch Dark Boogy, it did tear off his mask!

She gasped. Dark Boogey was really her boyfriend, Ricardo Miller! Again. . .before she fainted from shock, Ricardo Miller snarled, "I know where you live!""

Is this the end for Masked Frindle? Will she ever escape the clutches of Dark Boogey/Ricardo Miller? Does he really know where she lives? Tune in next week for more superhero adventures!

This is merely a SAMPLE of the AMAZING superhero stories that Drop-in students produced this week! How do they write so well? Might Drop-in students secretly be superheroes and supervillains themselves? Bum bum BA!