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Monday, April 12, 2010

A Brief History of 826

by Victoria Trojan

A zombie on a TV show, in a house with his cats, hated his acting life and QUIT. So the cats walked to 826 and everyone there ran away except for Eric. Eric just stood there and Eric said, "do you need help with homework?"

The zombie said, "NO!"

Then the zombie's cats walked up to Eric. But Eric was allergic to cats and puffed up, red, and went to the hospital. The zombie was all alone, so he had a tea party with his cats. Then, Eric got better and joined the tea party with the cats, and zombie.

Then, they played house! Eric was the mean old man person with 10 cats and the zombie was the maid. They had the best time playing house, but then the 826 kids came back and said they didn't finish their homework. Eric said, "Oh NO." (The reason Eric said Oh NO was because the founder of 826 said the reason he made 826 was so kids could finish their homework and have the rest of the day to have fun... also, to pair kids with caring adults.)

Eric told the 826 kids to come in and do their homework. After all the kids finished their homework, Eric and the zombie with his cats played house again, and it was the most dramatic game of house EVER! When house was done they were so thirsty so they had some tea. Then, 826 had to close so the zombie left 826 with his cats.

Eric locked up 826 but it was hard to close the door 'cause there was so much fun in 826 it took a couple minutes to close and lock the door. Then, Eric left...

The next day tons of kids were outside 826 because the kids who'd finished their homework told everyone and all the kids from Ann Arbor finished their homework from then on.


1 comment:

  1. Great story,Victoria!!!
    I loved it!!!