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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Drop-In Writing Students Control The Weather, Guys!

This acrostic was produced today by a group of Drop-in Writing students and facilitators. We chose the word "Burning" to describe the weather, and also to describe the sort of anger I feel at humidity above 70%.

B ella sits

U nder her umbrella while

R eading a book about cold, cold, cold rain,

N ever believing it would come.

I n the clouds, however, they debated

N oisily, "Should we send a storm?".

G loriously grinning, Bella thought of Edward and hoped the rain would never end!

Pretty cool poem, right?! And what's more, IT STARTED TO RAIN immediately after Drop-In!

It's official: Drop-In students write so powerfully that even the clouds can't help but sit up and take notiice.

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