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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Idiots' Pastry Games: No Comment

by Alex Finzel and Noah Knoerl-Morrill

Skyapter Octorson travels to the battlefield of Canada through a wormhole generator, skipping 3 galaxies and evading the parasites, to meet George Lucas in epic battle over yellow cake Uranium.

George Lucas wears a gas mask to protect himself from the fumes. He was trying to poison the bakery across the street because he hates the baker, but the baker is Skyapter's best friend, so Skyapter came to the rescue.

Skyapter wants to blast George Lucas out of existence, but doesn't want to hurt the baker so he uses quiet negotiation instead.

Skyapter: You will be completely obliterated if you don't relinquish the U-235. And leave the baker alone 'cause he is awesome.

George Lucas: No he's not! I hit my baseball through his window and he won't give it back.

Skyapter: That is moronic. Here, have a baseball.

George Lucas chucks the baseball at the baker, but Skyapter chops it out of the air. He then tries mind control on George Lucas. George Lucas pulls out one of his Oscars and uses it to call taun-tauns to trample over the bakery.

Skyapter: Sillyness. Verdict: guilty. I sentence you to be baked into a pie.

George Lucas: Oh no you didn't!

The baker interrupts. He comes in with George's baseball and a cinnamon bun and says, “peace offering.”

George rejects the offering and Skyapter travels back through time to turn George into a giant amoeba and puts him in a zoo. Skyapter then returns to Aridios and continues fighting the parasites.

Meanwile... in the zoo. George Lucas's cells begin to split and he plots his revenge...


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