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Friday, March 12, 2010

Man Vs. Plant

by Eric Levitt and Shruti Sudabattula

“We've almost done it!” said Napolean.

Napolean Coffliss was in uncontrollable happiness. Napolean, his girlfriend, Nehona Gardenia, and his co-worker, Neil Mynson, were making a new species of plant. Instead of making water into food, this planted needed food to make water!

“All we need now is the last chemical, Nebisium,” said Nehona. Nebisium was a slightly radioactive chemical that would complete their experiment.

Just as they were going to put in the last chemical, Nahomen Pestius, another co-worker, arrived.

“Sorry I'm late,” said Nahomen. “I was caught in traffic.”

“Well, you're a little too late,” said Neil. They had already put in the last chemical. The scientists left the lab, but little did they know they were in great danger.

To be continued...

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  1. i really enjoyed this. Great collaboration