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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Worst. Day. Ever, part III

Sampoorna: When I woke up I was thirsty but all the taps were giving out ink so there was nothing to drink. So I went to get my lunch to go to school but my lunch box had glue in it. By the time I cleaned up the bus came and I missed it. So my parents had to drop me. When I went to school I realized I forgot my lunch box. Then I saw my chair, it had goop on it and I was on it, so I had to get my pants cut off. When I got home nobody was home and the door was locked so I had to wait outside. When my parents came home it was the next day so I got no sleep in the night.

Sean: [. . .] We went upstairs to watch TV and the channels were not working. He [my friend] called "Mom" but no one was there. There was bog all over the place.

Pranav: [. . .] I get a note that I need to go to school on Sunday.

Duncan: Little Grace woke up. She saw clowns staring at her and laughing as if she was the village idiot.
"Pappa, look at the little girl who's in her bed!" shouted a clown in a stroller that was 10 feet tall. A jester skipped in and shouted: "Yeah, she's a funny little cretin!"
Little Grace was even more sad and humiliated when she saw she was surrounded by bars, so she couldn't escape.
Next was a 3rd clown that weighed 300 pounds and had barbells hanging from her nostrils. She threw a tomato with maggots at her.
"That's your food ration, Little Grace" she cackled.
They all tormented her by throwing more tomatoes and rotten eggs. "If You're Happy and You Know It" played on the pipe organ. No day could be worse.

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