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Thursday, August 6, 2009

At the Movies

Sean: Leaf-atarian (PG-13)
I will have a girl that gets bullied by two boys and when she took a bite out of her sandwich she just notices that it was worms. Then when she went home she called "Mom" and then found her mom looking in the sink in the kitchen and she turns around with green leaves sticking out of her head...
I like my movie. The characters in the story are Dorothy, the two bullies Tom and Bob. The main problem was that her mom had leaves sticking out of her head.

Duncan: A Documentary on Earth's Scariest Animals (NC-17, for language and mind-blowing violence).
Starring Miley Cyris as COYOTE PACK TIDBITS
and Nick Jonas as HIPPO COW PREY
"A well-meaning director"
The Oscars. This is it. I can't be outdone by Kung-Fu Panda. This is the most superb footage of animals ever seen. Suddenly, I felt handcuffs being chained to my wrists.
"You're under arrest for releasing wild animals on Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas!" a cop yelled.
"But it's an Oscar winner, you'll see!" I yelled.
"Tell that to the judge, Bub!"
Yet, even in jail, I win 5 Oscars.

Lynn: Hi! I'm Lynn and I'm a total S-U-P-E-R-S-T-A-R superstar. I have celebrity mornings where I turn on my radio to volume 72 and dance in my PJs. Then I dive to my work to finish making my film.
The Dragon's Cave (PG-13)
A dragon protecting the cave and a brave knight that is trying to get the treasure and most of the people who try to get there fail, but one brave knight succeeds.

Lauren: Monsters vs. Lynn and Leigha
It is scary. There is a monster. There are kids. The monster is trying to get the kids. The kids' names are Lynn and Leigha and they are trying to run away and the monster is scary.

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  1. miley and nick were probably asking for it.