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Monday, July 13, 2009

About the Authors: Taryn, Travon, and Zach

My name is Taryn. My favorite sports are swimming and cheerleading. I have a sister and a brother [Travon]. My favorite thing in school is writing. I love to play video games. My favorite tv show is Simpsons. My favorite character is Lisa. I can eat candy all day.
- Taryn.

I like to eat. I don't like writing. I really don't like swimming. I have two sisters and no brothers. I like the Simpsons, my favorite person is Bart. If I could, I wowuld go to an abandoned planet to make sure there is no one there so I could send my sister there so she couldn't annoy me. I hate candy.
- Travon.

(as dictated to Paul)
I like to watch cartoons on Adult Swim. I like soccer. Buy me some skittles. Paul is my friend.
- Zach

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