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Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Stinky Planet

A story by Tiana
[never written down but retold here for the purposes of laughing & smiling]

Here is my planet. It's called Booger World, and here is the Queen. The Queen is me, and there's my blue dress. There's my crown - it's made of boogers dipped in gold. See, I don't have a mouth, because people are born without mouths and then they have to find a mouth tree and pick one. And there's my dog, who's a skunk, because on this world, dogs are skunks. And the people on the planet eat the skunk poop, and use the skunk spray as perfume. They're really stinky, the whole world is really stinky, that's why there are all those SSSSssss coming off the planet.

So, their dogs are skunks, and their cats are alligators. But the alligators are nice, and don't eat the skunks, or the people. They put them on leashes and they all walk around together, and the alligators poop rainbows, but the rainbows don't survive because they just can't on stinky worlds.

1 comment:

  1. kinda cool i like .it kinda it is funny and would be nice if it were a virtual world .plz try to make it into a virtual world i would really appreaciate that.