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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rock and roll

Matthew: The Cockroaches
  • Genre: ROCK N' ROLL!
  • Band History: Where they met is still a mystery.
  • CRAWL!
    1. Crawling in the Night!
    2. Pinching in the Daytime!
Sara: The Arresters
  • Band History: They met in the Wart Lobby. The band's name is Rock and Roll. Their costumes said "You Rock." 6 million people are in the band. The Arresters say get out of jail, punk. They stomp their feet while they sing.
: The Panda Pinkos
  • Self-Titled Album (Disc One: Rock It, Disc Two: Rock Away):
    1. Pandas
    2. Pink
    3. Rock Away
    4. Wild
    5. Rock Me Too Much
    6. Awesome
    7. Fly to the Sky
Duncan: The Sad Ones
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Members: A smart aleck named Anders ("Undies") and his overgrown best buddy Duncan ("Dumpling")
  • Instruments: Undies on scratching blackboard, Dumpling on fire alarm
  • The Sad Ones present 'Sadbunny'
    1. Sad Baby (5:00)
    2. Sadbunny (10:00)
    3. Ghost with Measles (5:00)
    4. Woodpecker vs. Hyena (5:00)
    5. The Band Breaking Up (10:00)
    6. Reunion (5:00)
Lauren: The Silent Band
  • Hit Single: None
  • Costumes: Duck outfits
  • Band History: They decided to have a band to be quiet.
Sean: KISS 2
  • Hit Single: Detroit Rock City
  • Costumes: Black and white face paint, black pants and shirt.
  • We Dare You On Now
    1. Hot Hot Hotter Than Hell Man
    2. Detroit Rock City to You
    3. Doter Love Oh Yeah
  • Band History: I was in a restaurant putting on a show. THen a record dealer saw me and put me on air.
  • Costume: Snazzy silver tight pants with a white sequined shirt.
  • Head in a Cloud
    1. Head in a Cloud
    2. Out of Town
    3. Never Wanna See You
    4. Dream
    5. Ironic
    6. Magic
    7. Just Luck
    8. I Saw an Angel
Elena: The Golden Girls
  • Costumes: My costume is a short, shiny, sleeveless gold dress, gold earrings, silver heels, and a silver choker necklace with a Star Charm and a gold, chunky bracelet. Everyone else wears gold tank tops and gold miniskirts with silver belts. They also wear gold headbands.
  • Self-Titled Album
    1. B mine
    2. Silvold
    3. Best Friend
    4. Sprinkle
    5. Think Pink
    6. Treasure Chest
Lynn: The Miracles Happen Band
  • The Miracles Happen
    1. Miracle
    2. Classic Attack
    3. Buzz Buzz
    4. Fly to the Sky
    5. Whoa Ga
    6. Choo Choo
    7. Come Along
    8. Cool!
    9. Yeah
    10. Whoo Hoo
    11. Miss You
    12. Yummy in My Tummy
    13. Day Dream
    14. A Choice
    15. For Your 15!

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