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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Cats rule world?
Lynn: School started at 1:00 because my cat/teacher loves to sleep. I just hate this cat world where everyone's a cat! I wanted to leave this world where everyone is a heavy sleeper. I hated school here, I wanted to go to school SOMEWHERE ELSE! Gelly roll gelly roll gelly roll.
Sean: The world would be very hairy. I will be very dirty. I would have hair balls all over the place. I would have to learn cat language. I would have to meow.
Abigail: If cats ruled? Well I have one question for you! What do you think the janitors and plumbers would do?
Pooja: My teacher would fall asleep at math on top of her desk. If she was in a bad mood I would pet her on the stomach and she would be happy again. [. . .] We would have a teacher named Fluffy and Whiskers. School would be over at 2:00. They would teach us how to meow instead of talk. At the end of the day I would wish we didn't have cats to rule the world. It would be a headache to have cats to rule the world!
Sadie: If a cat was a waitress I think the menu would be mice and milk.
Duncan: A Calico King (by Rudyard Kipling)
Thou shalt not escape King Raptor.
No mouse can dodge him. They're his prisoners.
"I sentence dread and drear to all dogs," he yowls.
Out of the woods bound panicking dogs.
"TALLY-HOE!!" Raptor shouts from a horse. "Here ye, here ye! Thy king announces fox hunts shall have wolf hunts and even hound hunts a-following after!"
All royal aquariums of human emperors and aviaries of Elven duchesses are gone and eaten.

Roads are rivers?
Kelly: There would be a sideswim (sidewalk) for swimmers.
Devak: School would be underwater. And for lunch you would have fish, squid, octopus, and shrimp. Humans might even develop gills.
Lauren: I would swim everywhere. Everybody is tan and has blonde hair and wears swim suits. Everybody skates in the winter. Dogsled or snow boots.
Pranav: If anyone forgot their water bottle they could drink out of the river.
Rosie: There would be signs like "Surfers share road," and floating caution cones for construction. Street lights would be lighthouses.

Hands for eyes?
Devak: To put my clothes on I would have to bite my clothes and would have to toss them on my head. And for breakfast if I had cereal I would have to put the spoon in my eye socket to scoop it out of my bowl.
Sadie: If I shook hands with a person they would run away.
Pooja: I would brush my hair with my eyes and instead of moving my hair brush I would move my head. I wouldn't brush my teeth with my foot, definitely not with my foot.
Pranav: I would have robot that would guide me everywhere I want to go. And when I'm writing my robot would tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Eating rocks?
Sean: If I ate rocks, I would taste like one. The gray one would taste like vanilla and the limestone would taste like banana and the fool's gold would taste like Superman. I will look like a ball of water and rocks.
Pranav: For breakfast I would have a rock pancake for breakfast, for lunch a rock pizza, for dinner rock rice.
Lynn: I woke up early in the morning smelling my favorite rock, limestone. I ate one and washed it down with lava. I packed some for lunch, brushed my teeth and gathered by books and went to catch the bus.
Kelly: My favorite rock is granite and sandstone. I usually drink metallic liquid, and lava would be a treat. Marble is especially good, but that's usually at special parties. For breakfast I have quartz, limestone and sometimes crystal for a difference. Lunch is normally fool's gold and mica.
Rosie: Here's what each rock tasted like: grantite = cherries; marble = waffles; limestone = limes, of course!; quartz = brownies; sandstone = lettuce; crystal = ice cream; olivine = olives; geode = it comes in two flavors, blackberry and spaghetti.

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