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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sharp Teeth and Money in the Bank

The Fladodalpo:
My animal is the fladodalpo. And it lives in 3 different places. 1. Africa, 2. rainforest, 3. the desert. He can fly, hear far, and run as fast as a cheetah. He eats leaves because he cares for other species. And he wishes he was a human so he could be a vet and help the other animals.
- Monai

The Snog:
A snog is like a snake that barks like a dog. He has really sharp teeth and he has money in the bank. The snog is green and it looks ugly. He has 2 feet and wears shoes and a shirt and he's married.
- Cedric

The Spiderpig:
The Spiderpig lives in the woods. It eats flies and slob, preferring flies on its slob, as we would sprinkles. It's perfect for traps. It doesn't use the bathroom. It uses the poop for a web.
- Travon

The Snerbil:
Its name is the snerbil. It's a snake and a gerbil. What it eats is gerbils, so he eats himself. In the picture, he is trying to catch his tail to eat it.
- Jocelyn

The Hot Girl:
Hot girl live in my house. They eat my body. Sleep on the leaves and vegstables, and healthy as a horse.
- Nate


  1. that last one. slays me. honestly.

  2. I think I might know the boy who wrote it . . .