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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Law

If Hikone made the rules around here. . .

Jermaine: If you curse you will be hit with a paintball gun.

Jerome: No stealing, if you do you have to suck on a million feet.

Takayla: No eating fish because it is nasty. If you do you will get sick, your throat will go dry, or you will get in trouble.

Antonio: No leaving the town, you will get kicked in the butt.

Breonna: No dogs allowed, except for Colby, Button, Rocsy, Toepy, Tater Tot, Gizmo, Reese, and the little black puppy.

Sierra: No wild dogs, no little boys except my sons and no big boys except my sons, and only my daughter's friends and my son's friends and little baby friends can play and don't make the rooms messy or those have to clean those up.

Fred: No copying. Tony goes to jail.

Tony: Fred is going to jail.

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