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Monday, July 13, 2009

What We Know About Reptiles

__ __ __ __ 9
- D'nico, attempt 1

1. It can do do.
2. It can flie.
3. It can pee.
4. It can eat.
5. It is red.
6. It is an a animal.
7. It can be a mom.
8. It can look.
- Jordan

It is dome.
It cannot walk.
It can kill lots of things.
Why do I have to right this
blaa blaa blaa
- D'nico, attempt 2

They got long tongues.
They got big eyes.
Snake do not have a nose.
It can eat.
It can bite.
Ther are long.
It can pee.
It can doo doo.
- Earl

Algator are cool.
They are a dodo green.
Can live in swamps.
They are cool.
The green color is wired.
This is fun but boring.
- D'nico, attempt 3.

1 comment:

  1. Possible name change to this blog, in the event that we are ever faced with the need: Snake Do Not Have a Nose. (Him breathe through him skin.)