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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Superheroes (part one)

Phantom, by Duncan
Occupation: Kidnapper, ghost
Nemesis: Crazy Dog (rapper hero)
Powers: Morph into panther at will.
Real name: Garth Zyxx
Is like this 'cause: He was bit by a radioactive panther.
Why he hates Crazy Dog: He's scared of hip-hop.

The Coat (by Charles Dickens)
Phantom nimbly races betwixt the alleys. The banker's coat is cast upon his gaunt arm.

He bells like an elk, "Tra-lu! Tra-lae! In moons thou shalt find me!"

But gather, oh children, as if a tempest struck with a clang, the rapper Crazy Dog came forward.

"Thou jests, homie. Answer thyself to prison and law. I expect to buy a milkshake, and lo, I catch...Phantom!"

The hunt was delayed, as Crazy Dog was trotting out of the alleys.

Phantom, now a decayed panther, roars, "Enjoy thy bones, he whom seeks the coat. I shall lunge unto thee!"

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