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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Fred: Colby the dog is a very nice dog. His fur is so soft. He likes his belly rubbed. It's too bad he has fleas.

My name is Colby and I like to chew toys.
My favorite thing to do is to go to Illinois.
I like to use the fire hydrant a lot.
I always like kids reading to me,
Especially under the tree.
My owner is very nice to me.
I have to walk every day for a daily workout,
I tell you that my favorite song is Twist and Shout.

Jermaine: Colby is black and fuzzy. He is a big dog and a good dog. If he stands on two paws he's almost 5 feet tall. One day Colby will be Dogzilla!!! Dogzilla is a big dog, in fact the biggest and bestest dog in the worlds.

Stacia: Once upon a time there was a princess-dog named Colby and she was the cutest princess-dog ever. The queen of Colby is Amy. Amy was the owner and one day, Colby wanted to count how many treats she had, but where were they? So she was so mad she barked in doggy language and said "What happened to all my treats, I feel like kicking someone in the butt, it's gonna hurt so bad poop is going to come out of your mouth. In 2 weeks she found out the evil king was Tater Tot. Soon as she found out she snuck out of her room. First she had to pee on the first security guards... (to be continued).

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