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Monday, July 6, 2009

Frog got 4 legs

1. Baby frog are slimey
2. Frog get bake [back] leg first
3. Frog are different colors
4. Some frog lay egg different way
5. Frog can jump high

x Baby tadpoles are so ugly
x Frog are icky
x Some frogs are rainbow colored
x I don't like frogs at all
x Erica is a frog

-Frog got 4 legs
-Frog got legs
-Frog got a long tongue
-Frog eat flies most of the time
-Frog are cool sometime
-Some frog are slimy sometime
-A baby frog is called a tadpole
-Frog can be kept as pets

Some forgs are red. Some forgs eat flies. Some forg are yellow. Forg can hop. Forg are slimy. A baby forg is name a tadpole. Forg can be kept as pets. A forg is cold blooded. Forg have a lily pad.

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