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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Best Vacations

If we ever get the scanner working, pictures will be added.

Lauren: I want to go to Kalahari. I want to bring my swimsuit and my goggles and my towel and clothes. I am going to bring Lindsey. I am going to play in the water. I am going to jump in the water. Splash!!! On a plane! I am going to have a party with Lindsey.
  • Postcard: Dear mom, dad, mom, Leigha, Lynn. I miss you so much. I hope you have a good time. This is what I did I went on the rides I swam in the pool. I went to the airport. I went on the airplane. I am going to come soon!! I am coming soon. Yay. I will come. Get ready Lauren coming. Yahoo! Great.
Alison: My dream vacation would be in Honolulu, Hawaii.
[. . .]
I will get there by a free luxury cruise. It will be almost as big as the Titanic, but more better and elegant. Oh, and it will be a private cruise.
My end of vacation party will be a luau and all of my friends and family except Lindsey. There will be tiki torches and hula dancers.

Lucia: All the unicorns are pure white and sparkle like snow, and the only way you can tell them apart is by their horns. They're all different colours. They also have games, or races, with the other creatures. To compete skills in magic, or running or speaking. But everyone is a winner.
To get to the clouds you have to first go in a flying boat, then a phoenix takes you the rest of the way. In order to go back down to earth you have to ride a unicorn.

Jack: Once upon a time a person named Rum went to the Pacific Ocean. He walked to the ocean and he swam to the middle. Be brought a gun, soda, a bucket and a sandwich. These items aren't real useful well. He survives, THEN a rocket falls into the water. Rum exploded into thin air and landed on an electric eel. Well he died.
  • Postcard: Help oh my gosh I'm drowning
    Die shark so
    Here's pictures on the back
    To: Pirates
Sean: To North Carolina. I would bring all of my North Carolina stuff like my hat, jersey and my basketball hoop and stuff. No one will come with me. I would play basketball on my basketball hoop. I will get there by bus. I will have a contest on basketball 5 on 5. I will have lot of fun at North Carolina. I will go to the game of the Cavaliers and Lakers and play with them. I wil play with Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.
  • Postcard: Hi _____
    Come to North Carolina and you will be happy that you did.
  • Postcard: It has been five days since the attack. I doubt we will last long but Kyle has a plan. Me being as negative as I am decided to write this in case it fails. You wouldn't believe what happened! But seeing is believing so I've enclosed a tape of it all. Time is short. I have to go. Farewell and if this note is found please forward it to Mark and Linda.
  • Postcard: Dear Liz and Josh,
    Hi I'm on a desserted island. I fell off a ship that was coming from Peru and going to Puerto Rico. I fell off the ship and landed on a desserted island. I just learned how to make acorn pancakes!
Britt: Everything seemed dismally grey. The sky, the buildings, the rocks and even the Ocean. It seemed that nothing could get worse. I stared out at the dismal sea. On eof the barges crossed the horizon. I wished I could get on one and sail away go anywhere not grey. Just then Emma came up to me in a hurry. Emma had lived in Rockaway ever since I could remember. "Britta" she gasped. "I'm leaving." "leaving?" I cried. "Where?"
"I'm going to Ireland to my Aunt and Uncle's."
I remembered the Pictures of Ireland we had seen at School. The green fields rolling over each other in waves. Before I had time to think I blurted, "Could I come?"
Emma looked startled and stuttered, "I dunno Britt."
  • Dear Mum,
    I docked safely in Ireland with Emma. We are staying at her Aunt's and Uncle Patrick's. We had fun on the ship and I think I like to stow away better than pay legally. [. . .]

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