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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

King's Travels (by Jack London)

By Duncan

King was a red wolf. 3ft at the shoulder and 6 feet from nose to tail.
From a town called Luzchivez in California, he is the first animal to travel on foot to Peru.
On his way he met a silly Caiman named Tequilla in Northern Central America.

"What's your name?" King asked.
"Mi gusto burritos! Aye-aye-aye!" Tequilla guffawed, banging his tail on a xylophone.

The reason he's so silly is that he always talks off topic, not because he speaks only Spanish.
They eventually reached Peru. As they saw their first llama, King said to himself: Tequilla is a great friend for leading me here. Tequilla responded by inquiring: "Como se llamas? Mi llama Tequilla! Hablo Espaniol, amigo?"

They had many fun years together. But, good times must end. After all, human relationships are longer than animal friendships.

King merely left with a hunk of meat. Tequilla cried one salty tear, not crocodile, but a real tear of sorrow. He knew King was back in California with his own kind.

"No mi gusta," he sobbed. This time he spoke on topic.
  • Postcard: Dear Hunters,
    My guide to Peru is a Caiman named Tequilla.
    I wish you were here, Queen. Not as much you, baby wolves, as Tequilla could be perilous.
    On the back is apicture of Tequilla, whom I'm swimming with tonight.
    Love, King.

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