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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Superheroes (part two)

When Super Sadie comes to the bank she just watches the fight. Because it is fun. She is super about watching crimes and she just really likes to watch crimes.

If I had a power I would have anything I want. I would have a big head, I would have a white shirt. I will have big feet. I will be an alien. I will defeat Mr. Brain. He has big teeth, a weird snape, 3 fingers, 8 arms, a weird shape on his leg. And 53 toes.

Power: I can turn into anything I want.
Enemies: Boys.

Fire Girl was robbing the bank! [Super Psychic] couldn't tell the cops because they would question why she was out at 12:00 midnight.

Super Skater.
She can turn anything into ice.
She can skate very fast.
She can do jumps.
She can do spins.
She can do stretches.
She can do spiral sequences.
She can do moves.
She was born like this.

Somebody robbed a bank and Super Skater saw and made them into ice. And put the money back. And he went to jail. She saw in a newspaper. She already [solved] 500 crimes. Her award was $300!!!

Zackum isn't a girl or boy. He's nothing. He has 134 arms. He's made out of lava. He's a villain. He lives in lava. He's the second most biggest thing in the world. He fights for freedom. His archenemy is, let's just say billions of people.
Bob is the strongest man in the universe. He doesn't look that strong. He is.
Zackum got away with [robbing the bank] but since he stole the money he was cursed, so if he went to the bank he would die. Years and years passed by. Zackum tried to go in the bank. He almost died. He went in again. He died.

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