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Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 29, 2029

Sean: The basketball stadium will be the shape of a basketball and look like a basketball. The football players will have more money.

Lynn: My kids names are going to be named Alissa, Andrew and Ashley. I will also have a dog named Brandie.

: I will take a shower and immediately go to the Barack Obama hospital. Because Obama was in a car crash. Now we have a big laser to cut through the head. I will eat dinner and go to sleep.

Pooja: I would learn more about science. I will figure out a question nobody has ever figured out before! That is what it would be like 20 years later! They would invent a medicine which is a candy. Dogs would have super speed. They would take 20 years to finish a book. Houses would reach space. This is 20 years later! Wait a minute, the medicine would cure candynitis. This is 20 years later!

Sampoorna: There will be a medicine that is in candy. And for Halloween there will be a pumpkin that you can color on then put it on a pumpkin then wash the pumpkin and wherever you drew it would carve the pumpkin and if you touch one of the places it will carve. While it carves it will not hurt.

Lauren: I don't want it to change. When I am 27 I will look like I am 7.

Duncan: The Animator's Office
I am possibly the only remaining human on earth. The air is now impossible to breathe, so everyone else moved to Vega, one of Pluto's stars. My only company is vampires and carnivorous horses and talking cats.

I finished animating an action kid cartoon. My assistant, a vampire named Queanapo sauntered toward me.

"The background is beautiful," he commented somberly.

"As the actual earth was once," I whispered. He put his hand, or should I say paw, on my shoulder and sobbed. "The earth is now grey and dark. Your cartoons are the only sunlight we'll see, since they took place before 2018."

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  1. At age 30, Sean will have a girlfriend and 3 kids. But it's okay to get married after you're 31.